In the World Wide Web you can live forever.

The web: that virtual space that lives in the clouds that can be seen from anywhere in the world and what a space it is! From individuals sharing an opinion or passion to companies selling their products or guiding with information.  Everything has changed with the World Wide Web.  How we learn, how we talk and communicate, how we cook even.  It invades every aspect of our life, dictates and sometime controls.

Do you Google?  I do.  Most questions have answers to be found on the web.  Most of what I have learnt as far as web design, video & print design is concerned, was sourced, studied and scrutinised on the web. It’s all about sharing, giving and communicating.  The past and present at a click of a button.

To this end I believe everyone should have a web presence, and I don’t mean your profile and activity on facebook, or your chosen social media platform.  Sure, share your content on [insert social media platform here] but make a space where you can be who you want to be: show that virtual face, shout with that inner voice. Blog, write, photograph, make, create, scan and share, express yourself!

Once upon a time people would keep diary’s, scrapbooks or journals and I’m sure that some still do it’s just that the web has made it so much easier to record what you want and more importantly, connect with people that may feel the same or have the same interests.  You don’t have to give everything and even when you do want to record it for posterity, you can hide it from the public eye by password protecting it.  Make a space for you, make sure that those close to you know about it, and leave something for the generations to come.  What would it mean to you if you could read or view something from your ancestors?  We have a unique opportunity to connect to future generations, great, great, great (you get the picture) Grandchildren, to give them a chance to get to know you and how you lived.  It’s a door to the past and only you can open it for them.

A good example is Wil Wheaton: after the highs of Star Trek: The Next Generation his life took a turn. In reaction he turned to the internet and learnt, expressed and confided and when he did, life changed and Wesley Crusher was finally laid to rest.  He wrote a blog and shared his highs and lows and bared his heart for all to see and more importantly feel.  His honesty connected him to so many and helped change peoples perceptions and in turn helped change his life.  I highly recommend reading his book ‘Just A Geek‘ which is taken from his blog posts.

How about you, do you blog?  Do you want to blog?  WordPress started as the chosen platform for bloggers and has evolved into something that does nearly everything from full websites to photo gallery’s but at it’s core it is still a platform that makes it easy for anyone to share their content.  Did I mention that we’re WordPress experts?  It is easily the cheapest type of website to get up and running as well as maintain yourself from a computer, a tablet and even a smartphone so why not get in touch and we will help you every step of the way.  It’s time to start sharing and live forever!