I created this guide to help our clients – and anyone who has a web designer.  It will help you create a harmonious and productive relationship that will serve you and your website for years to come.

A Guide To Creating A Website & Working With Your Web Designer Part One – Pre-Build

For a business owner, their business is sort of like their baby. They gave birth to it. They nurtured it and helped it grow. They want to protect it, watch over it, and in a lot of cases, control it. So, it’s easy to understand why many business owners feel a little nervous when working with web designers to create or redesign the face of their business — their website.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your partnership with Capital Web/your web designer:
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This section will help you visualize the website you desire & deserve.  Achieving this will cut down the amount of time it takes to build your website (and thus saving you money!)
  • As you determine the budget for your site, remember to see it as an investment. A great website is a crucial marketing tool that will be available to answer your customers questions, even when you are sleeping.  Therefore, try not to view the money you spend as mere cost but see it as the investment that it is.
  • Make sure to explore the websites of other businesses in your industry. What works and doesn’t on these sites? Make notes. Finally, remember that while you do want a website that is aesthetically pleasing, having a nice design is not the sole purpose of your site, functionality and usability is the key to a successful website.  Make sure the information your customers are looking for is easy to find.
  • Do you already have a logo or branding identity?  Gather together all of your resources that pertain to your company, decide what is relevant and what needs to be replaced.  Most web-designers have the skills to give you a re-branding if your look is getting a bit outdated.

Working with your designer

This is a relationship that can last for years so make a friend!
  • Provide examples of the websites you like the look of and notes on why you like it.
  • Document and supply the desired structure of your website (how many pages, should some menu items be sub menus, do you need a shop etc.)
  • Let us know your desired time-frame for the completion of the website.

Stay tuned for part two which will help guide you through the process of the initial build of your website.