So you have reached the stage where everything is looking as it should do and you and your designer believe the website is ready to launch.  Hear are a few things to remember:

Once your website is complete

You will always need updates and and sometimes have new content added so once your website is built the story continues
  • Time is money and time spent on the phone or in meetings in relationship to your website you is time accountable and may be chargeable so be precise with what you want.  If you want a general chat, take us out for a beer or coffee and then sneak in comments about your website.
  • If you require changes to your website be specific in your requests and put it into an email and try to be as precise as you can that way we always have something to refer to.   Time saved means money saved.
  • Follow the mantra, Add, Edit, Remove and apply that to the pages you want the changes made on
  • Make sure you know what your designers hourly rate is and if the build time goes over how much you will be charged (if any).
  • Any work that is outside the initial build agreement will be chargeable so ask ‘how much extra is this going to cost me?’.
  • Updates to your website be it core, plugins or security hardening take time depending on the magnitude of the task.  This time is chargeable or will taken out of any allocated time you have (where available).

Going forwards you will always need work done on your website which in the case of WordPress means core, theme and plugin updates all of which take time and will most likely be chargeable.  These are tasks that you can carry out yourself but if you do make sure that you make a backup first as sometimes updates can mess with the sites layout and even take down your site.

I hope this guide helps you realise your online ambitions and if there is anything we can help you with leave a comment or contact us through the website.

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