So it’s been a year since I joined Dan at Capital Web and although I mostly built our old website, it was to a brief but not to my brief.  I liked it but as the lead designer here, I didn’t feel it accurately represented what we did, especially from a design and ability point of view.

My first step was creating a new logo and after much feedback, versions and many iterations we settled on the one you now see at the top.  What do you think?  Then over the past couple of months I have been gradually building the website on our staging area, creating the homepage slider images, re-writing copy, creating new copy and presenting content in new ways and generally optimising the site to make it more palatable.

Anyway I’m guessing you have seen it by now as this post is part of it, so I hope you like it and that it is a good showcase for what we can do with WordPress.  As always, any feedback is welcome.