…And Your Customers Large Of Pocket

May is just around the corner and Google is getting ready to roll out their update to the mobile search result algorithm. This increases the effect of the site ranking signal when someone searches any given subject from a mobile device.  – Click here to read Google’s post on the subjectfact1
So what does this mean to you and your business?  Well, if your website isn’t optimised for a mobile screen, be it smartphone or tablet, your online presence will be pushed further down the pecking order limiting your potential reach and subsequently, your potential customer base.
The other side of this beyond just search engine ranking, is that your existing customers, or people that type in your web address on a mobile device, are getting a reduced and limited experience of your company and/or brand.
How about you, do you enjoy pinch-zoom-drag on your phone (unless it’s a game you’ve downloaded)?  The experience can leave a lot to be desired and can be off-putting and dare I say it – potentially drive your customers elsewhere looking for a better, more fluid and enjoyable experience.
So what is the solution?  It’s a no-brainer really even if Google hadn’t introduced this new algorithm, all websites should be mobile-friendly, responsive, ready or however else they want to term it.  If you had a shop on the high-street and your customers had difficulty getting in the doorway wouldn’t you fix it?  This is the same, the bottom line is that it just has to work, be it on a mobile device, laptop or desktop.

Capital Web Ltd build mobile-friendly websites.  We can’t NOT build mobile-friendly websites.  It’s all about the user experience (UX), attractive yes but also easy and a pleasure to use.  We’ve been doing it since the old days when you had to build a sub-site with a mobile redirect so we know about mobile-friendly design and more importantly, we know what works.

If your website runs at the sight of a mobile device then give us a call on 01959 447456 or use the contact form here.  Don’t get left behind!